Steps to Getting Braces

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First Visit

During your first visit, Dr. Brigance will review your medical and dental history and conduct a thorough orthodontic examination.

She will assess the need for orthodontic treatment and when to begin. If you already have a recent panoramic xray, please bring it with you or have your dentist mail us a copy. If it is not the most optimal time to start treatment for your child, he/she will be placed on a recall program for no fee regular check-ups.

If treatment is indicated, the next step is the making of diagnostic records, either the same day, or if you prefer, scheduled for a later date.

An estimate of fees will be given to you along with a thorough explanation of your insurance benefits and payment plans.

Make an Appointment

Diagnostic Records

The Diagnostic Records generally includes digital photographs and panoramic and cephalometric x rays, and plaster study models of the teeth. These records are essential to accurately diagnose orthodontic problems and formulate the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.  The Diagnostic Records are also helpful in charting the progress of treatment.


After Dr. Brigance studies your records, we will discuss all aspects of your treatment and the financial plan is arranged. All interested parties are encouraged to attend the consultation.


Some of our orthodontic patients require rubber separators between their back teeth for about one week prior to the placement of braces. The separators are removed when the braces or other appliance is placed.

Braces On

Getting your braces or other orthodontic appliance takes about one to two hours.  Dr. Brigance and her staff will explain every step of the way and will be as gentle as possible. Generally, it doesn’t “hurt” to get braces and there aren’t any needles or shots used ever in this office. After the braces are placed you will be given a home care kit and detailed instructions on brushing, flossing, use of topical flouride, and care of the braces.


Your follow up visits will be at 4 to 8 week intervals and will usually take 20 to 45 minutes. Most of our patients are seen for adjustments once every six weeks.


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